Martin is the co-founder of TriVest Wealth, part of Wellington-Altus Private Counsel, an investment firm that works primarily with high net worth families providing risk-managed investment oversight, review and asset allocation.



Martin grew up in a small farming community in Northern Alberta and believes in the power of positive innovative change having lived in Canada’s first Eco-community. He and his family is also passionate about mental-health awareness initiatives focused on youth impacted by ADHD and Dyslexia.

Portfolio Management

Martin is  a weekly columnist for the Financial Post, and is regularly featured in the media for his views on the market. He is also quite active in social media and was named to Canada’s top 40 influencers in finance, innovation and risk in December 2017 by Thomson Reuters Canada.

Martin is a former competitor in martial arts, loves ripping down mountains with his boys, Sunday drives with his family, is early into his journey with photography, is struggling to be carbon-neutral and finding ways to give more than he takes.

Martin Pelletier, CFA


Portfolio manager, Strategist, financial columnist